Welcome To Aptos Little League Giants 2007

Message from the Coach: "I also want to say how impressed myself and all the other coaches are with how great the kids are doing. We have been throwing a lot of information at them and it is great to see them all doing their best and improving at each practice.  Their attitude has been great and I hope they are having as much fun learning as we are coaching."

About Uniforms

Giants got their uniforms at practice on Sunday March 11th. The kids look great! Please sew on patches on the left sleeve, two inches below the seam.

Team Highlight: All the kids learned to cheer on their team mates
whenever they are up to bat, catch a ball or run a base.
Great sportsmanship is the name of the game!

The Website

imageJames and Alla Fitch (Daniel's Mom & Dad) set up a website where we can post photos from the practices and games. We can all share and enjoy pictures on the site and have the opportunity to print them at the online printing service of your choice. If you have any photos to contribute please burn them to CD and pass them to Alla or James at the game, we'll get them up right away.

Enjoy the site! We hope it will be a helpful and fun contribution to our team!