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Since June of 2000, our little loft theatre has been San Jose's mainstay for intimate, infinitely varied, and often outrageous performances. From musical adaptations of the classics to Off Broadway Musical blockbusters to edgy solo performance pieces, you never know what you'll see on our stage. But one thing you can count on is an evening of entertainment that's certain to engage your mind and spark your sense of fun.

Over the last six years, Theatre On San Pedro Square has become indispensable to the local theatre scene as a permanent home for emerging and established Bay Area artists and arts groups, wishing to showcase their talents in this unique and uninhibited setting. Be it theatre, music or dance, the day has come that by entering Theatre On San Pedro Square, audiences are able to a catch a glimpse of the leaders and future leaders of the American performing arts scene.

Our mission is to advance cabaret theatre as an art form by providing unfettered creative opportunities for the leading and emerging artists of today and tomorrow in the unique and intimate performance environment of Theatre On San Pedro Square.

Theatre on San Pedro Square marks a new beginning with its 2007 season as a 501 (c) (3) not for profit public benefit company and venue insuring TOSPS will be here forever as a jewel in the City of San Jose's arts venue and theatre company crown.
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